Oakland, CA

2855 Mandela Pkwy Suite D
Oakland, CA 94608-4011
Fax: 510-251-0308

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We don’t just sell construction products, we sell project success, reliability and peace of mind.

MacArthur Co.’s Oakland branch opened in the 1960s and has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing contractors, builders and installers with high quality construction materials from the industry’s most trusted brands. The Oakland branch serves the San Francisco bay area, providing wholesale construction materials for HVAC, mechanical insulation, waterproofing, and RFP panels, along with a complete line of building products.

At MacArthur, we understand that the construction business is about relationships more than just products and plans. We strive to turn all of our customers, large and small, into our partners and we are constantly expanding our geographic presence and product lines to meet your evolving needs. With all we do, our dedication to customer service is for you and that dedication has helped us become the preferred reseller for contractors around the country.

What does this mean for you? It means that no matter where you have your next construction project, you can look to MacArthur to find quality wholesale construction products. Order through the website or through the local sales team and we’ll make sure you have the products you need delivered right to you throughout the phases of your construction project.