Mechanical Insulation & Fire Protection

Mechanical Insulation & Fire Protection

MacArthur Co. stocks a wide range of industrial and commercial insulation products and accessories. We provide insulation materials used on all types of mechanical systems, boilers, piping equipment, HVAC systems and ducts.

The options of pipe insulation are many. fiberglass, calcium silicate, mineral wool, rigid foam, rubber insulation, polyethylene, EPDM, cellular glass are all available through MacArthur Co.

MacArthur Co. stocks duct wrap from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Whether it’s fiberglass duct wrap, closed cell elastomeric, grease duct wrap or high temperature insulation blanket, we have it here at MacArthur Co.

Board insulation is used in both mechanical and HVAC applications. Here are several options you will find available at MacArthur Co.: fiberglass board, calcium silicate block, trymer, polyisocyanurate, extruded polystyrene (EXP) and mineral wool.

MacArthur Co. stocks 3M Firestopping Intumescent products as well as 3M Fire Rated Wraps for kitchen exhaust and plenum wrap.

MacArthur Co. stocks a full line of accessories; tapes, PVC jacketing and fittings, metal jacketing, adhesives, coatings, sealants, sprayfoam insulation, needled blanket insulation, insulation tools and much, much more.



Benefits of Ordering Your Mechanical & Fire Protection from MacArthur Co.

When you order your mechanical insulation from MacArthur Co. you get more than just a high-quality product. We are a customer-centered company that wants to ensure you have a seamless job from beginning to end. We are also dedicated to providing you with a service that is environmentally conscious, so we stock products from suppliers who adhere to industry guidelines for energy conservation and many of our products are LEED certified. To best serve you, we have a wide variety of affordable insulation to choose from along with all of the accessories you need to get the job done right and on time.


We carry PVC fitting covers, mineral wool, calcium silicate, aluminum protectors, tapes, caulking, sealing products, and more. We deliver everything you need to your jobsite where and when you need it. Regardless of your project, MacArthur Co. is the place for all of your mechanical insulation needs.

Every MacArthur Company location strives to meet the unique needs of their customers.