Become a MacArthur Co. Customer

From the smallest, local contractor to the large, multi-project teams, we can help you finance your projects. Use our credit application to get started.  Click on one of the buttons below to complete our automated credit application process.  The first link is for customers that would like to apply for an open credit line with MacArthur Co.  The second link is for customers that would prefer to setup an account with us on a COD/Cash Basis only. 

New Customer Credit Application (Open credit line request)

New Customer Credit Application (COD/Cash Basis Only)


Already have an account with MacArthur Co.?

If you have questions about your current MacArthur Co. account please call (651) 646-2773 and ask to speak with a credit department employee.  Please make sure to note which MacArthur Co. branch office you work with to be routed appropriately.  Also, you can email in your inquiry to the following email address:


Every MacArthur Company location strives to meet the unique needs of their customers.